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…I have been brooding.


Do not tell me to lighten up or become more optimistic. I’m not in any sort of mood for laughter.

I have been thinking too much would be more correct to say.

I was thinking about genocide. I feel that there is a great misconception that this sort of thing happens spontaneously, or that it arises from ethnic conflict or border conflict. But in all truth of the matter, I’ve seen one man always at the head of a mass murder, and it’s always a man with a political goal. These things are not random. There is absolutely nothing spontaneous about genocide.

I don’t approach this from a naïve point of view. I have seen all types of people killed on my doorstep for no reasons other than some man in power wanted them dead. But the willingness of people to be so brutal as to willingly participate in killing even the most helpless of infants out of nothing more than a shadow or cloud of hatred over their heart is the most disgusting thing I have ever encountered. I saw this systematic killing in the Second World War, most recently, but before then too. I saw many enslaved or murdered only for believing in a different government or even innocently, wrongfully accused of crimes that they had not committed. And I have seen those who have died for the mere expansion of borders, or for any other sort of greed of one powerful man who wanted too much and who could not sincerely believe that what he wanted would not be good for the people.

So… Once again, I want to voice my deep concerns for the people in Syria as well as those in Mali, as this situation persists and worsens. Along with the rest of the international community, I want to place my interests in line with those of the Syrian people.

I truly do wish to see these wars end before tens more horrible things happen. I do not want to hear about more innocents murdered. 

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